avoid the frustration and register to use the ” save and continue later” option

For both larger accounts or multiple type of insurance, this optional feature will save you time in receiving a quote.  Why? It will allow you to gather detailed information without having to start from the beginning. 

How it works

When registered it uses your private user registration id which is unique and only visible to you through a secure email link. The link expires after 25 days. All information is encrypted and our site and hosting company use three various firewalls for you protection.  Register here…

Why use it? 

Our questionnaire is designed for our prospects in providing essential information such as prior loss reports, vehicle identification numbers, driver information, tax id and more. This information is required and you may not have all of it when you begin the quote request.

The Questionnaire

The design of the questionnaire is purposely set up with a series of pre-qualification check boxes that allow us to quickly identify which insurance policy type you want a quote on and which insurance companies you may qualify for. We write with many insurance companies across the United States. 

How Long does it take? 

After all required information is received from you we then prepare it for submission to the “underwriter.”

We cannot submit a partial application without all the required and detailed information.  It is our experience that a great deal of time can be save if you complete all the required information so we can begin to work for you. 

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